A collaborative project for Parsons School of Design with Noam Nayberg.

Centers around the evolution of the Bushwick Collective and their effects on the surrounding neighborhood through the medium of graffiti.


Fuck Off.
The words I chose to put front and center on to a 2 by 4 foot transportable mural. These words hold a lot of significance in Bushwick. Seemingly just two words painted onto a piece of ply in a style the mimics that of a popular arts trend in the area. However, residents of the neighborhood definitely will understand what it signifies. After bringing the mural to Bushwick hoping that residents would get it, I came to the conclusion that they did, now whether that understanding was good or bad depended on the viewer. This was my intention.

I chose “fuck Off” as the piece’s goal was to call out those fresh faces in Bushwick; those moving into these new high profile developments that are jacking up the area prices and causing long time locals to have to sell or leave before getting swamped by millenials. I targeted certain new developments placing the piece outside on high activity corners and documenting people’s reactions on film from a distance. I did receive many comments both complimenting the work as well as some not so satisfied glances. Many people also took pictures of the piece including an appearance on Rowan Blanchard’s Instagram. It did cause an issue with one of the developers of the Denizen development (one of the largest development projects in Brooklyn) in which it was placed outside.

The project’s intent was to garner attention and create a dialogue. Originally intended to tell the history of the area, I switched gears as I realized my interest revolved more around the problem of these evil new developments trying to create a Williamsburg 2.0 more so then trying to tell a story of the actual neighborhood. I concluded that it wouldn’t be enough to catch the eyes of those causing the issues in the area, I needed to communicate a much more direct, simple, and engaging message.

Fuck Off.”

Project was a collabration with artist, Noam Nayberg, and involved the creation of a transportable mural. The process was filmed by Noam Nayberg for the short film companion.