NEPTUNE BOLD Useable Typeface
Custom useable typeface created for Parsons Type Design 2020.


About the Neptune Bold, via Parsons Type Design website:

Neptune Bold is a sans-serif typeface based around the blending of Venus Bold’s uniqueness with a more contemporary Eurostile form. Venus or Venus grotesk was originally created in 1907 by the Bauer type Foundry based in Frankfurt, Germany. It takes from other “grotesque” style typefaces but is recognized more for its irregular design as opposed to a more clean monoline type such as Univers or Helvetica. It resembles almost more of an Art Nouveau or secessionist era type as well adding a bit of intrigue, placing it apart from other “neutral” typefaces.

I was drawn in by the type’s high waisted capitals and unique stroke terminals. I wanted to bring this type up to speed to fit more into the modern type world, yet still push it away from its current contemporaries, thus the name, Neptune. I was also drawn in most to the bold extended variation of the type but still wanted to add my own marks to it. This was done through the flat stroke terminals and the wider, more rectangular structure. The type also takes elements from Aldo Novarese’s Eurostile with its modern squarish forms while maintaining rounded edges. The type has a very ‘60s contemporary feel, something I also was hoping to reflect in Neptune.

The typeface is designed with the intent of having a dense yet eye catching shape with heavy lines and a slight handmade quality to give it a more unique look. It is intended to be used as a predominantly header type with its bold sharp lines, and mid century modern forms. While this is the case, the typeface could also be used as body type for say contemporary fashion magazines, posters, advertisements etc.

Type Created within Glyph.
If interested in using the typeface,
shoot me an email or DM via the CONTACT page.