OUR LIVES IN T-SHIRTS—  for Isaac Hindin-Miller and
I Like You in collaboration with 4WORTHDOING.

︎ About

This project involved designing one of 5o
t-shirts as part of an exhibition for Miami Art Week (Art Basel) organized by creative, 4WORTHDOING (Aaron Bondaroff). The installation was set up in Miami’s Design district, by artist, Emmett Moore, on view from Nov 27-Dec 6, 2020. In addition to the installation, all 50 t-shirt designs were for sale on 4 Worth Doing’s website for a limited time, all profits going to Village (Free)dge (a Roots Collective-affiliated community fridge program that helps provide food to underserved neighborhoods in Miami). 

This t-shirt was designed in collaboration with Isaac Hindin-Miller for his streetwear brand, I Like You, as our contribution to the installation. 

Other artists involved in the project include Virgil Abloh (Canary Yellow), Cat Power, Heron Preston, aNYthing, Procell, Wacko Maria, Slam Jam, Rob from Alife, Friends With You, Kunle Irak, Lucien Smith, ANDREW and many many more.

Other design stages of the shirt project can be seen below.