Final Project for Zine Making at Parsons School of Design. Fall 2020. 





nounnoun: streetwear; noun: street-wear
  1. casual clothing of a style worn especially by members of various urban youth subcultures."she was one of the first mainstream artists to champion streetwear, wearing oversized hoodies and graphic tees"

This project was created around individuals revolutionizing the streetwear industry through new and innovative ideas. The goal was to gather six fashion designers/graphic artists who have had a significant impact on their fields. This choice came from wanting to create something resembling that of a streetwear magazine but at a smaller scale. I wanted the book to feel on the inside, like a high end streetwear magazine taking inspiration from Highsnobiety, 032c, I-D, Office, and more. While the layout design was inspired by this, I wanted it to feel more personal, and portable. The printed dimensions are 6 inches (H) by 8.5 inches (W).

The front and back cover design were inspired by the streets of a city. It was done to recreate an imaginary urban grid with streets in yellow to emphasize how these designers got to where they are today. The content is made up of profiles gathered from 6 designers who all look at fashion through a different lens. The goal was also to find designers who use their perspective to make a difference in fashion. Each person in the book receives their own chapter. Each of these chapters is designed to resemble their personalities reflected in the profiles. I also color coded the book layout to match the brands each of these designers created.

The designers featured include:

Blondey McCoy (Thames, Palace)
Jason Dill (Fucking Awesome, Supreme)
Colm Dillane (Kid Super)
Beth Gibbs (Bephie, Union LA)
Emily Oberg (Kith Women’s, Sporty + Rich) Jun Takahashi (Undercover)

I carefully picked them after raiding all of the streetwear magazines in my closet and highlighting those with the strongest voices.  All 6 display an incredible desire to rethink streetwear, and make it about how the streets influenced them. The overall goal of this project was to show off these figures moving fashion forward through personal profiles designed to match their

To accompany this book, a promotional
advertising campaign was created through social media visualizers.
These visualizers were inspired by advertisements for brands:
Palace, Bronze56k, Polar Skate Co, CallMe917. Made in After Effects.

The book is 96 pages.
Printed on medium weight silk pure white paper. Cover is a heavy weight cardstock.
perfect bound.